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Our Mission for Superior Service

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers the highest quality products and the lowest cost. With our low overhead, we can pass those savings back to our customer. We stay highly involved with each and every one of our projects and answer all of our client's questions quickly and honestly. As a company, we have over 20+ years of combined experience in the roofing industry.



A few of the companies we choose to partner with for the best in quality and reliability.

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Fixing the Roof

Rashad K.

"An outstanding, dedicated, and commitment oriented team of professionals. They worked with me to repaired a leaking roof caused by pigeon's feces and decomposed tissues. I highly recommend their experiences, leadership, and skillsets."

Steve S.

"Great Quality work! started on Monday, finished by Friday afternoon. 3200 sf house. Some of the upgrades I didn't have before, metal trim, attic vents above house and garage. Only price increase from original bid was for the vents that I decided I needed after they started. Otherwise stuck to the estimate price. Would recommend to anyone."

S. Kessler

"We just had them out last week to fix our overhang, awesome job, on time, reasonable quote and warranty. highly recommend"

T. Kelly

"J Preston Contracting was extremely professional. They provided me a quote and did not attempt to sell me on frivolous, unnecessary repairs. They shot me straight, and I would gladly give them my business in the future."